Life Unfiltered


Life Unfiltered

We decided to create the Survivors exhibition to use art and storytelling as a way of portraying the strength, vulnerability and resilience of those who are affected by Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), shining a light on some of the challenges they face with this frequently invisible, incurable and increasingly common condition, often known as a “silent killer”. Our aim was to share thought provoking, inspiring human stories that offer a different perspective on the world, as well as to provide important education about kidney health. By displaying our images as diptychs, we sought to contrast people’s outward facing daily lives and passions, against the less visible but significant time commitment and reality of living with their condition.
Over the course of a year we travelled the UK to identify, photograph and interview people from age two to 78 years old from all walks of life, who are on dialysis or have a kidney transplant. Their stories are all unique, covering topics as diverse as facing mortality, mental health, body image, gratitude, survivor’s guilt, silver linings, reconciling with a “new” normal and finding hope whilst living with a life limiting condition.

We exhibited Survivors as a virtual exhibition in 2020 and launched at the OXO Gallery, London in 2021. We have also used it as an educational and awareness tool at various kidney healthcare events.



Looking at the two sides to every story
We developed the diptych concept to convey the burden and time that goes into surviving with Chronic Kidney Disease as a mostly invisible condition. We shot each individual twice. Once on location to show their outward facing daily life and passions, and again in the studio showing a much starker representation of the "unseen" time spent looking after and living with the impact of their health.



Selected Works

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Survivors: Life UnfilteredExhibition - Living with Chronic Kidney Disease

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